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icon Tire/Mud Bracing

After watching what Hurricane Fran's winds did to buildings and structures with just 115 MPH sustained winds it got me to thinking (always dangerous) of ways to shield existing structures from the 150 MPH winds we are to have during the Cataclysms. I like the subterranean solution but that may not be viable in certain areas where rock is close to the surface or where the water table is very high or an option to save an existing structure. I kept getting stumped with how to build a shield that would survive the winds themselves. Any type of hinged solution would not be durable enough and end up as a projectile, far more or a problem than a solution and most materials would get torn to shreds. I really could not come up with any solution would work. So I decided to look to our past for an answer. I asked myself what structures have survived previous Pole Shifts? The Pyramids of course. They were designed by our 12th planets buds who knew what was coming.

tire/mud bracing

The sloped sides of the pyramids would be far more wind resistant than a vertical side. An air mass would flow up and over the sloped side as apposed to slamming directly against a vertical side and tearing the roofs off as hurricanes do to our building structures. So before you think I have had one to many implants, I am not saying we should build our own personal Giza's. A temporary solution would be build sloped sides that are flush up against the side of the structure you are trying to protect. To construct our temporary "tiremid" we would use old truck type tires filled in with dirt. Essentially, you would build this in levels.

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