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icon Shallow Trench

I keep thinking - slingshot! A hammock is a slingshot. Ever see what happens to flags flapping in a hurricane? Shredded survivor! Friction against the ground is part of the goal, in keeping one from being dashed. What about putting a foam pad, thick, on the ground and the net above that, pressing the person into the foam? Less sling shot, less concussion from rapid snapping back and forth, less chance of becoming a sling shot of one or more of the ties breaks lose. You need to be just under the surface of the ground, lying flat in a in a shallow trench covered over with a sheet of metal secured on the edges by turf, grass that has been allowed to grow over the edges. This will

  1. keep the firestorms from catching your shelter on fire,
  2. keep you from blowing away,
  3. prevent you from being dashed more than a few inches (you might feel a little scrapped)
  4. keep you from having your building collapse on you,
  5. allow you to dig out easily, as the edges of the shallow trench are just inches from the surface.

Offered by Nancy.