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icon Protective Clothing

It makes sense to me to wear the full-body padding used in American football, along with a motorcycle helmet. Did you ever see some of the pops these guys take, and then they just shake it off as if nothing happened?

Offered by Mike.

I've got my hockey equipment which is even better. Did you see the pictures of the forest devastated during the Colorado blizzard with 120 mph winds? Double that speed and what happens? The wind needs to be able to get through the hammock and that's probably possible. My concern would be the poles. If 300 year old trees get destroyed by 120mph winds, what chance do your poles have.

A prototype ski jacket that could help the wearer survive an avalanche has won a technology award from the Welse Development Agency. The jacket can be inflated by pulling a ripcord which activates compressed air canisters. This creates a protective pocket which cushions the body from injury caused by the weight of snow and ice during an avalanche. The jacket also serves as a buoyancy aid to help victims remain on the surface. Between this and a bike helmet, you could be OK.

Offered by John.