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Carry Embers

The movie "In search of Fire" Illustrated a method of caring fire from one place to another. I think with some trial an error one could make something that might work, made out of a paint bucket. The trick would be to allow in just enough air to keep it burning but not so much as to consume all the dry wood you carry. A small slot near the bottom and top that can be bent open or closed to adjust the air flow may work. The technology of taking a glowing ember and making a fire out of it will need to be relearned well by all. You may need to carry a set of lightweight but long tongs, or figure out a way to move logs that are burning. This would be used to help adjust the fire to keep it going and to put out the fire as described above.

Offered by Mike.

If the amount of material is enough I think this concept would work and an extra gallon paint can full of these burning embers wouldn't be heavy, as the water in the wood would have already boiled away. I've never had a problem lifting burning embers, and do this by just using a stick. If an actual "holding" capability is required, one can use a stick in each hand or even make tongs by loosely tying the "hand" end of two sticks together. This is how "cooking rocks" are moved to and from a fire.

Offered by Ron.