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 Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times are not confirmed or validated. They are not ZetaTalk, nor NancyTalk unless comments in brackets. If proven erroneous, a note is placed in the Sign accordingly. Signs of the Times have been documented since May 2003 until the present. A special Synergy of Signs page documents the red dust, crop circles, photos of anomalies around the Sun, and frantic government cover-up attempts that presented.

Signs of the Times #1690
The Dark Twin is ranging close to the Earth lately. Photo captures taken at 9:20 pm in Illinois on May 2, 2010 are of the Dark Twin in the NW sky, coming behind the Earth and pushed back in its orbit. It has the blue tone characteristic of the Dark Twin, as seen by naked eye in early 2004 when it was coming round the Sun.
Signs of the Times #1689
Second Sun sightings are exploding. From a North Carolina sunrise on April 27, 2010;
to a Arkansas late dawn at 9:12 am on April 30, 2010 casting a dual reflection on the water;
to light orbs around the Sun at sunset in the Philippines on April 30, 2010.
Signs of the Times #1688
A Video made in Padua, Italy, on August 24, 2009, at dusk. [and from another] Hello everyone fom Fabrizio creator of the video in Padua! I've said previously for my other videos and I repeat once again: to me to be here mingling with Photoshop or anything like that plus I do not even know what they are and how to use them, losing hours to make fake videos to put on You Tube does not interest me at all! I was coming home from work, intrigued by the Sun which was slightly elongated on the right side and I stopped focusing with the camera on the elongation which turned out to be a second small circle! It is a video made in 2 minutes, downloaded to PC via Blue Tooth and on the internet, there are no fake trees made of cardboard or just pixeled Sun or anything else, maybe on a photo I could do it but not on a video for sure, plus I wanted to put music but I didn't even managed to do that! So, if what I filmed is Nibiru, Planet X, the Sun, Mercury, Venus or Mars I don't know. The fact is that the video is true, not modified or anything like that!! [and from another] Other moon swirl examples from the past, 2003-2005, from target="_top">China, target="_top">Italy, and target="_top">New York [Note: the Zeta explanation is a Moon Swirl persona.]
Signs of the Times #1687
A Triple Sunrise Over Gdansk Bay [Aug 4] Explanation: How can the same Sun rise three times? Last month on Friday, 2009 July 10, a spectacular triple sunrise was photographed at about 4:30 am over Gdansk Bay in Gdansk, Poland. Clearly, our Sun rises only once. Some optical effect is creating at least two mirages of the Sun -- but which effect? In the vast majority of similarly reported cases, mirages of the brightest object in the frame can be traced to reflections internal to the camera taking the images. Still, the above image is intriguing because a sincere photographer claims the effect was visible to the unaided eye, and because the photographer took several other frames that show variants of the same effect. [Note: the Zeta explanation is a Monster Sun persona.]
Signs of the Times #1686
The Second Sun has made an appearance. On April 16, 2009 it was captured on film in Alberta, Canada, and other reports are coming in too. [and from another] While driving to work the other morning I saw something strange with the Sun. It was just coming up and a small portion visible. As I drove the Sun dipped back below the horizon and then after a bit came back up again. It did this twice. It this a sign that Planet X is close? [and from another] I was out early this morning, April 16, 2009 to pick up the papers from the press. When leaving it was about 5 past seven in the morning and I viewed the sun like it had another separate mass (round and wide) above it. The two round Suns were not separated by an a distance cloud mass. It is in the East in Leduc near the International Airport. Canada. Province of Alberta. Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network.
Signs of the Times #1685
Following the appearance of Planet X as a Winged Globe on March 27, 2009, it appeared a second time on April 19, 2009 at 23:42. This time it was a bit further from the Sun. By moving further to the right of the Sun in the view from Earth, the angle is optimum for Second Sun sightings, and these likewise appeared. Both images of the Winged Globe showed the immense tail of Planet X drifting down below.

Signs of the Times #1684
Planet X was captured on March 27, 2009 on SOHO. It appeared briefly as the Winged Globe of legend. The 3:18 image captured the Winged Globe, the prior and later images did not have this rare capture. Per Skymap, only the planet Mercury should be in the four o'clock position on that day, to the right of the Sun. Per the Zetas, this is where Planet X can currently be seen, to the right of the Sun.

Signs of the Times #1683
Was Planet X captured during the January 26, 2009 eclipse? Often there is some capture of Planet X on film during an eclipse. The photos on official NASA related sites such as SpaceWeather never show any evidence of this, but filters can affect what is captured and what is screened out. Note that the official photo displayed has been using a darker lens, which screens out more sunlight so screens out the light from Planet X. SOHO images do not show any solar plumes or flares on that day.
Signs of the Times #1682
I am writing from San Juan Puerto Rico. Today [Jan 12, 2008] a major newspaper in San Juan published the enclosed photo related to an article that describe the nearest point of the sun in January 2008. At 7 o'clock of the sun it is visible a round object with a tail. Enhanced it seems reddish. [and from another] This is a genuine shot, but is not the corpus of Planet X but a moon swirl seen from the end of the swirl tube. The moon swirls are being turned toward the Earth, emerging from the N Pole of Planet X and swinging to the left along the magnetic flow lines that return to the S Pole of Planet X. The connection via red dust from moon swirls to the Planet X corpus is not obvious, as the red dust clings to the moons in the swirl. There is no visual connection thus to the Planet X corpus which rides to the right of the Sun in the view. Being more directly between the Earth and Sun, Planet X is reflecting sunlight back toward the Sun rather than tangentially toward the Earth. The object in target="_top">Sign1667 is also a Moon swirl, close to Earth and in a similar angle to reflect sunlight from the rising Sun. That the Moon swirls are not seen to the left of the Sun, where in November of 2006 when the Sign1667 photo was taken, shows the degree of turn of Planet X in its 270º roll. Formerly, these swirls were located to the right of the Sun, but now with the N Pole of Planet X swung to point more directly at Earth, they can be seen to the left of the Sun. [Note: new ZetaTalk GLP Live Chat, written Jan 19, 2008]
Signs of the Times #1681
An object with a tail was captured on a C2 image by the LASCO satellite on target="_top">December 23, 2007, just where one would expect Planet X to be if the Earth had moved to the left a bit, in the view from Earth, to escape Planet X which was now appearing on the right. Checking Skymap and the LASCO C3 images for comparison, I note that Mercury is near the Sun to the lower left at about the 8 o'clock position, but no planet is expected to be to the right of the Sun at the 2 o'clock position on December 23. The LASCO C3 takes in a larger view of the sky, six times wider than the C2 images. On the C3 one can see the position of Mercury and the lack of any other planet in the area of the object with tail captured on December 23. On December 23, Jupiter is behind the Sun, fully occulted, and just beginning to emerge on December 24. In any case, Jupiter shares the typical planet appearance of the LASCO images, looking like a tiny Saturn with horizontal rings. The object that appeared on December 23 had a distinct look, like a planet much larger than Mercury, much closer to Earth, and not creating the Saturn appearance with horizontal rings! The fact that they seem to have Saturn like rings is due to the same phenomena that causes stars to appear to have horizontal and vertical lines when we squint at them in the night sky overhead. But this object captured on December 23 has a distinct tail drifting to the left. Could this be a meteor shower? This is not the pattern of a meteor shower captured by LASCO, as these examples from November 30, 1998 and February 7, 2003 and September 12, 2003 show. LASCO also suffers from proton bombardment, but the object with tail captured on December 23 does not look like a proton bombardment either, as this example from October 28, 2003 shows. Packet loss, which is caused by light overload, also has a distinct pattern on LASCO, as these examples from June 23, 2003 and May 27, 2003 show. [and from another] Now Earth has moved back, been pushed back itself in fact by the force of magnetic particles coming from Planet X, and has scuttled back as far as she can go. This places Planet X to the right of the Sun, in the view from Earth, where the angle is optimal for sunlight to reflect off the imposing Planet X complex - the corpus of Planet X surrounded by its close hugging dust cloud and moon swirls. [Note: new ZetaTalk: GLP Live Chat written Dec 27, 2007]
Signs of the Times #1680
7 Dead, Dozens Injured In I-35W Bridge Collapse [Aug 2, 2007] Interstate 35W bridge spanning the Mississippi River in Minneapolis collapsed, sending cars, people and debris into the river below. The collapse was likely structural in nature. It was not an act of terrorism. [and from another] Bridge Collapse Probe Focuses on Unexplained Shift [Aug 3] Investigators trying to figure out what caused Wednesday's massive bridge collapse are focusing on the southern end of the span. The NTSB says one part of the bridge shifted 50 feet as it fell, while other sections collapsed in place. What's getting investigators' attention is the way the southern part of the bridge fell in a video they've already examined -- recorded by a security camera near the bridge's north end -- and the way the section settled after the collapse. It appears that it has shifted approximately 50 feet to the east and when we compare that to what we've seen in the rest of the bridge -- the rest of the bridge appears to have collapsed in place. [and from another] I live in a suburb of Minneapolis and nothing has ever happened like this before. There were reports in the news of a 'rotten egg smell' and an outbreak of of algae just a few days prior to this. I also felt, or heard, a strange frequency a couple of hours before this happened. [and from another] We have predicted that bridges crossing the Mississippi will be affected when the New Madrid and related fault lines adjust, going into the pole shift. Was this bridge collapse which crossed the Mississippi in Minnesota caused by such an adjustment, the footings on one side of the bridge moving in an opposite direction from the footings on the other side, or perhaps the bridge being pulled apart? The Mississippi River is born in Minnesota, tumbling out of the headwaters in the highlands of Minnesota over a series of natural falls. This is a clue that adjustments in the rock strata could be involved. The highlands of Minnesota come to a point at Minneapolis, with lower land lying to the East along this point. What caused the land to the East to drop, unless this land was stretched in the past? We have stated that the ripping apart of the St. Lawrence Seaway ends in the rumpled Black Hills of SD. Run a line from Montreal, at the mouth of the seaway, to Rapid City, SD and the line runs through Minneapolis. Why would an adjustment be made in the middle of this stretch zone while the seaway itself did not part? When we described the diagonal pull the N American continent is enduring, and just how this will snap when adjustments are made, we did not intend that this process would occur smoothly, all at once as described. Weak points along the rip lines give way one by one, each such adjustment placing stress on other points in a domino manner. The I35W bridge, being the larger of the bridges crossing the Mississippi at this point, was less able to adapt to a change in position vis-a-vis its footings on either side of the river, as it was an interstate bridge supporting several lanes, and thus had massive and thus rigid supports. Smaller bridges have more flexibility as they are built to withstand uneven loads on either end, thus are more springy by design. [Note: new ZetaTalk:Minneapolis Bridge, written Aug 2, 2007]
Signs of the Times #1679
[May 14, 2007] Red dust at a Summer residence in Russia in bathing with water which stood for the past year! Water became red color, and on the edges there was a wet red dust! Also there was red dust and in a city fountain directly at the bottom. [June 8, 2007] Predictably the dust contains iron as when in water it aligns on a magnet! [and from another] Would the zetas care to expand on what they've said about the red dust? To what extent will it affect daily life and how long will it be severe? [and from another] We have stated that a light red dust will appear on occasion, and this has occurred, in 2003 and returning, recently, in 2007. This will become heavier, noticed all around the globe, affecting the sunrise and sunset and making the Moon a blood red color. All this will be excused as dust from the Sahara or industrial polution or dust from volcanic eruptions, as has been the case, the excuses given. It is not until the last days, frankly, when the red dust is so heavy that rivers and ponds are routinely turned blood red. In case you have missed all the other signs, like 3 days of darkness, this is one of the signs that you should take cover! [Note: new ZetaTalk: GLP Live Chat, written Jun 2, 2007]
Signs of the Times #1678
Pilot's UFO shock [Apr 26] Two experienced airline pilots on separate flights saw something up to a mile wide off the coast of Alderney on Monday afternoon. Surprisingly, Jersey radar equipment did not pick up the object, although an air traffic controller said he had received simultaneous reports from the Aurigny and Blue Islands pilots. The description was very similar to Captain Bowyer's and they described it as being in exactly the same place. But they were looking at it from opposite sides. The Blue Islands plane was at 3,500ft at the time so both pilots placed it at the same altitude. If the object was stationary, our equipment would not have picked it up because the radar would have screened it out. [and from another] Earthquake (4.3) shakes parts of Kent [Apr 28] An earthquake with a magnitude of at least 4.3 has shaken parts of Kent, damaging buildings and disrupting electricity supplies. [and from another] We have stated that the UK is very much in the stretch zone, so much so that Scotland and Ireland should anticipate not having any land after the shift. The stretch zone does not simply pull apart, rock fingers letting go so land has less support and sinks. It also fractures at point, snapping off, letting a portion of the land remain where it is while another part dips down into the drink. This is what is anticipated, so that quakes in this areas of the channel, which is in and of itself a weak point and thus low, below sea level, will occur, snapping England and its associated islands away from the mainland. For those of you living in these areas, think about your safety, as you are surely being warned! [Note: new ZetaTalk: GLP Live Chat, written Apr 28, 2007]
Signs of the Times #1677
Scientists find 'second Earth' [Apr 26] Scientists have discovered a warm and rocky "second Earth" circling a star, a find they believe dramatically boosts the prospects that we are not alone. The planet is the most Earth-like ever spotted and is thought to have perfect conditions for water, an essential ingredient for life. European researchers detected the planet orbiting one of Earth's nearest stars, a cool "red dwarf" called Gliese 581, 20 light years away in the constellation of Libra. They say it is potentially habitable, with Earth-like temperatures, and have described the find as a big step in the search for life in the universe. The planet is just the right size, might have water in liquid form, and in galactic terms is relatively nearby at 120 trillion miles away. Yet the red dwarf star it closely orbits is much smaller, dimmer and cooler than our sun. [and from another] Is this truly the first time a life bearing planet has been discovered? Hardly, but it is the first time such a discovery has been allowed to be announced. Those in the establishment who want the common man to look up to them as kings of the only castle around do not like competition. This includes the ultra-right in politics who like a firm pecking order and don't want the common man anticipating any kind of an upset, organized religion who have arrogantly asserted over the centuries that man was made in God's image and is the only intelligent creature in the Universe, and the very wealthy who don't want the common man to think there might be some kind of escape from the daily drudge they plod to earn their daily bread. We have mentioned that the mass sightings of late were pushing denial of the alien presence into an uncomfortable arena. A hard denial shows the common man that the establishment has been lying, which it has. They wish to join the discovery, pretending that their eyes have only now been opened to possibilities. But why a planetary announcement? There is a second reason for this announcement, that being the fear that chemtrail will no longer suffice to keep the Second Sun, the approaching Planet X, from view. In that our discussions have made such terms as 'brown dwarf' associated with Planet X, which is 'larger than earth', such terms are being put out in the context of a very distant body, which conveniently, in artists renderings, is as red as Planet X is rumored to be! 'Ah', the public is to say, 'I've heard about that, and it's far far away'. A confusion in terms, as Sedna was some years ago, also called Planet X and shown as a red orb in renderings. [Note: new ZetaTalk: GLP Live Chat, written Apr 28, 2007]
Signs of the Times #1676
Chilean Army Discloses Recordings and Secret Contacts with UFOs [Apr 23] The Journal of Hispanic Ufology reports in its 7 February 2007 Edition that Chilean Army Discloses Recordings and Secret Contacts with UFOs. The evidence was presented before one thousand people at the 10th International UFO Congress, which highlighted a video taken seven years ago, showing moments in which Navy vessels and helicopters pursue a UFO that was even picked up on radar. Another pursuit took place on March 27, 2000 when a Citation 2 military aircraft crossed an unidentified flying object, measuring 40 meters in length, at an altitude of 1000 meters and 100 kilometres away from the Chilean capital. Disclosure of this information was authorized by Oscar Izurieta, Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, and forms part of an official investigation undertaken by Rodrigo Bravo, captain of the Army's 5th Division, who participates in the congress, which is being held at the Viña del Mar resort 120 kilometres distant from Santiago de Chile. [and from another] French UFO Fever Crashes Website [Mar23] So many people have already tried to look at the files that it has become impossible to access the site. France is the first country to open up fully its UFO files to the public. Although other countries including the UK collect data on UFOs, files can be requested only on a case-by-case basis under the Freedom of Information Act. The French will be able to access some 10,000 documents about UFOs, including photographs, police reports and videos sent in by witnesses. Only about 9% of France's UFO cases have ever been fully explained. And of the 1,600 cases registered since 1954, nearly a quarter are known as Category D - meaning that in spite of good data and witnesses, the mysterious sightings remain inexplicable.
Signs of the Times #1675
Gunman's Writings Were Disturbing [Apr 17] The gunman in the Virginia Tech massacre was a sullen loner who alarmed professors and classmates with his twisted, violence-drenched creative writing and left a rambling note raging against religion and rich kids. A chilling picture emerged of Cho Seung-Hui _ a 23-year-old senior majoring in English. He may have been taking medication for depression and he was becoming increasingly violent and erratic. Cho's writing was so disturbing that he had been referred to the university's counseling service. One was about a fight between a stepson and his stepfather, and involved throwing of hammers and attacks with a chainsaw. Another was about students fantasizing about stalking and killing a teacher who sexually molested them. Monday's rampage consisted of two attacks, more than two hours apart _ first at a dormitory, where two people were killed, then inside a classroom building, where 31 people, including Cho, died. Cho died with the words "Ismail Ax" in red ink on one of his arms, but they were not sure what that meant. [and from another] Va. Tech: Gunman Student From S. Korea [Apr 17] Neighbor Abdul Shash said the gunman spent a lot of his free time playing basketball, and wouldn't respond if someone greeted him. [and from another] Ismail's Father Ibrahim destroys the city's idols with an ax. [and from another] ABC News: Killer's Note: 'You Caused Me to Do This' [Apr 17] Witnesses say he was stone-faced as he opened fire. Law-enforcement sources say he may have had a romantic interest in a young woman who was found dead after the first shootings. He wore sunglasses indoors, with a cap pulled low over his eyes. He whispered, took 20 seconds to answer questions. [and from another] We have stated that The Call for counseling by Service-to-Self aliens is done by the human being in an almost continuous state of rage. This type of chronic frustration does not happen because of life circumstances, as in this setting intermittent rage occurs. But the Service-to-Self want life wrapped around them, serving them, no blocks to their satisfactions or desires, no challenge to their authority or sense of ego. Few humans in life attain such a setting, so those in the Service-to-Self who are not somehow blessed with a life that provides what they demand, a totally self focused life without frustrations, are enraged, chronically. They fume. They desire revenge over slights. Cho Seung-Hui fit this profile exactly. Having been counseled by aliens in the Service-to-Self to promulgate such a disaster, he was pushed over the edge by having lost his temper when confronting a would-be lady love, who once again rejected him. At this point he was faced with prison, as he knew he had not covered his trail, the first shooting being an accidental outcome of an intended intimidation. Bullies who are slight of build do not fare well in prison, so the idea of going out in a blaze of glory, posturing as an Ismail Ax, and moving on to what he assumed was his next place on another world, was more appealing. Thus, he was not so much angry during the subsequent shootout as determined to carry out a mission. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Virginia Tech Massacre, written Apr 18, 2007.]
Signs of the Times #1674
The Earth lurch noted in early March continued into April, the lean of the N Pole toward Planet X, to be in a side-by-side magnetic position, showed up with more consistency and was noted on message boards, the Sun rising to the North. As this side-by-side alignment can occur more readily when the N Pole of Earth is hidden behind the curve of the Earth, this likewise shows up in the reports - an average of a 12° lean when the N Pole is just coming into view or fully exposed, an average of 25° when the N Pole has gone around the bend and has just become hidden, an average of 43° when the Sun is fully hidden. Another pattern that has emerged is a strong lurch of the N Pole toward Planet X at times, with a snap back of the N Pole away from Planet X in reaction. This is seen when the N Pole is going round the bend, disappearing from view or about to come into view but also at a time when the S Pole of Earth is just going around the bend (Iran). The snap back from a strong lurch has also become evident, occurring at times when a strong lurch occurs also. [Note: the Earth Wobble has taken a new turn, an Earth lurch.]
Signs of the Times #1673
A hot topic on the GLP message board is an aberration on the IERS website. The slight annual circular magnetic wobble at the N Pole, noted for decades, has suddenly gone left, literally, on the charts. This occurred around April 4 and lasted until Apr 9. I've checked the HAARP data and found that April 3 seemed normal, but by April 4 HAARP had likewise gone flat likewise until Apr 9. Does this have something to do with the roll of Planet X, the hose of magnetic particles from Planet X? [and from another] The magnetic N Pole of Earth, the flow of magnetic particles out of the N Pole of Earth, will attempt to merge with the N Pole of Planet X, flowing in the SAME direction. For the Earth, this is certainly not UP, it is sideways. Planet X is hosing out into space, almost directly away from the Sun, as it is lying horizontally at present during its roll. As the Earth is not yet tipped, physically, into the 3 days of darkness, the flow of magnetic particles thus emerges, out into space, from points below the Arctic. Nancy has noted that the HAARP system, located in Alaska near the magnetic N Pole of Earth, has registered flat, likewise. HAARP has been located next to the N Pole as this is where flux in the magnetosphere is most dramatic, evident. IERS likewise looks to this source, as elsewhere on the globe, flux in the magnetosphere is more flat. In that the magnetic N Pole of Earth has currently moved, they are both registering flat! [Note: new ZetaTalk IERS Flatlined, written Apr 9, 2007.]
Signs of the Times #1672
Weird light hoverring above two cities 1000 miles away from each other almost at the same time in China. The two city are Changchun and Shijiazhuang. The story is that these two cities witnessed the same phenomena almost at the same time. [and from another] What is the connection between these two cities, in the highlands of China? Both are just upland from lowlands abutting the sea, which would be subject to temporary inundation and tidal bore during any major adjustment in the Pacific. The Pacific is compressing, steadily, though much of this process is not apparent to man, who crawls around those plates floating above the waves. The deep Pacific has numerous fault lines man is not aware of, as he assumes it is all one large plate. Why is it that Hawaii rises occasionally, if this were not due to one plate subducting under another? Beijing itself is in the zone that will be inundated when such an adjustment occurs, the residents scrambling to nearby cities that were exempt from the tide. Thus, both these neighboring cities were warned by UFO to expect refugees, hungry and in need of housing and often, if from the seat of power in Beijing, demanding special treatment! [Note: Live ZetaTalk, written Apr 7, 2007]
Signs of the Times #1671
In March of 2003, a new pattern emerged on the live seismographs, termed the 12 hour wobble as a type of global shuddering was appearing at 0:00 UTC and 12:00 UTC, when the Atlantic Rift faced the Sun and Planet X, which was passing close to the Sun at that time. These global shudders were documented for a couple years, showing that the pattern continued, steadily. Following the Solomon quakes, this 12 hour wobble became distinct for several days.
Signs of the Times #1670
A series of quakes pummeled the Solomon Islands on Apr 1, 2007, along the fault line where the Continent of Australia is lifting up, resulting in almost 100 quakes of 5+ Richter within 48 hours for the Solomon Islands. A phenomenal number! [and from another] People Missing after Tsunami [Apr 2] Several people were missing on Monday after a powerful earthquake in the South Pacific hit the Solomon Islands, triggering a small tsunami. A tsunami warning was also issued for other Pacific Rim countries, including Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Australia, after the shallow quake, which had a magnitude of at least 8.0. It was just like a real extreme tide. The water just came up about about 12 to 15 feet above sea level.
Signs of the Times #1669
I just got an inside tip on some very strange activity [Mar 20]! The source is completely reliable--as good as they get. A non-stop series of trucks, each packed with 40,000 lbs. of MREs, are being hauled into deep, limestone caves near Marengo, Indiana. The trucking company has a contract with the military (not FEMA) to deliver these shipments every day for an entire month. In fact, the MRE suppliers are supplying no one else during this period. These caves are taking everything they've got! Marengo is a small town of 829 people. This suggest the military is aware of and prepping for something extreme and always been a rumor of an underground base in the area. [and from another] These types of activities were reported going into 2003, in many parts of the US. It is not surprising that a resurgence has started. In that these MRE are so filled with salt and preservatives that they would almost last forever, and not need replacement, these maneuvers are not so much replacing older stocks as getting their hands on MORE. What has brought this about? In the past, it was anticipated by Bush that they could declare Martial Law, and thus feed the military on commandeered food stocks taken from local grocery stores or food distributors. The public would starve, the military be fed through the pole shift and beyond. Then Bush hit snags in enacting this plan. Yes, he invaded Iraq per plan to sit on the oil fields, but this and all turned to rot. He is being ejected from Iraq and cannot invade Iran, and the military is fed up with him, in rebellion. Rather than being able to declare Martial Law in the US, he has discovered by trying this that his orders will be ignored. Rather than being in control in the US, he fears having to run for his life to Paraguay. Thus, any plan to declare Martial Law in the US must consider feeding the military from stores, not commandeered groceries, as Martial Law will in all likelihood not occur regardless of commands, except for small rogue units loyal to Bush. So they stock up, in areas close to the Kokomo, Indiana spot prepped as an alternate seat of government. Denver likewise will likely get additional stock. [Note: Live ZetaTalk, written Mar 24, 2007]
Signs of the Times #1668
We've had dramatic sinkhole in Guatemala open up suddenly, but the other side of the globe, China, is not exempt! [and from another] China, Guangxi Province, Over 100 Holes Appear [Mar 21]

[and from another]
Guangxi Province lies between several areas of turmoil. To the South and West lies the curve of the Indio/Australian plate, which is being driven under the Himalayas, to the East lies the Philippine plate, which will increasingly lose out during the adjustments the plates make prior to the pole shift, losing ground and eventually disappearing as a discernable plate. The tongue of the great Eurasian plate that holds Guangxi Province also holds much of Indonesia, which will also suffer during the pole shift, crumbling. This tongue is not stable, and much fracturing of rock will occur during the turmoil in the area. This fracturing of rock has already begun! [Note: ZetaTalk, written Mar 28, 2007]
Signs of the Times #1667
Is this Planet X? I have been very hesitant to send this in, but a friend told me that I had to. So, here it is. I was walking the boardwalk at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware early one morning. I was there for a work-retreat. It was cold outside on November 16, 2006 and there wasn't anyone out. I was just randomly taking pictures of the early morning sky when I saw this red ball, or what looked to me like fire. I took this picture. I'm not sure what it is, if it is anything at all. [and from another] We have stated that the common man should look to the skies, particularly at dawn and dusk, for a return of the Second Sun. We have stated that chemtrails are being used to fog up the view, this pace increasing, so the common man does not see what the elite have no explanation for, the presence of Planet X in their view as they gaze toward the Sun. We have stated that the switch in daylight savings time, to start 3 weeks earlier this year, was designed to keep the common man from gazing at the rising and setting sun when they had idle time on their hands, commuters standing about waiting for a train or sitting in cars, caught in traffic. This remarkable photo, taken at a moment when the rising Sun had not yet filled the skies with a glaring light, taken on a cold clear day when there were no clouds or haze to cloud the view, shows what they have been trying to prevent! If the establishment does not want you to see this monster approaching, coming at the Earth in a retrograde orbit most often placing it to the right of the Sun, out near the orbit of Venus but four times the diameter of Venus, then look! [Note: Live ZetaTalk, written Mar 17, 2007]
Signs of the Times #1666
Scientists Probe 'Hole in Earth' [Mar 1] Scientists are to sail to the mid-Atlantic to examine a massive "open wound" on the Earth's surface. The Earth's crust appeared to be completely missing in an area thousands of kilometres across. The hole in the crust is midway between the Cape Verde Islands and the Caribbean, on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The team will survey the area, up to 5km (3 miles) under the surface. The hole in the Earth's crust was not unique, but was recognised as one of the most significant. The oceanic crust, usually 6-7km thick (3.7-4.3 miles), was simply not there. The crust does not seem to be repairing itself. A rock called serpentinite is exposed at the surface. [and from another] Since the start of ZetaTalk in 1995, we have stated that the Atlantic will be ripping apart during the coming pole shift, and that predecessor quakes will have the Atlantic widening. We have spoken of the stretch zone, a term ZetaTalk created, pulling down the East Coast of the US and the West Coast of Britain, due to this rip, and pointed to the evidence that this stretch and rip are occurring now. How long has this 'open wound' been known to the scientists? This is not mentioned, so as not to alarm the public. It is new. And the rush to examine it is alarm at the increasing quakes and spreading Atlantic. We, the Zetas, have told mankind what to expect, and of course this is just the start. The cover-up, on the other hand, has lied, and scientists asked to cooperate with the cover-up were told matters would not get worse and the Passage would occur silently, the big worry panic in the people, not Earth changes. Now things are getting worse, and some scientists want to see for themselves! They no longer trust the placating words from cover-up central in the White House. [Note: Live ZetaTalk, written Mar 3, 2007]
Signs of the Times #1665
Giant Sinkhole in Guatemala [Feb 23] Two teenagers were killed when the giant 330-foot-deep sinkhole in a Guatemala City neighborhood swallowed up several homes and at least one truck. Residents of the neighborhood say others are still missing but it has not yet been confirmed. The giant sinkhole is emitting foul odors, loud noises from below are being heard and tremors are shaking the surrounding ground. When a rush of water was heard from its depths the authorities feared it could widen or others could open up. Apparently residents had been hearing noises and feeling tremors for about a month waking them from their sleep until this morning when the giant sinkhole claimed everything on its surface. [and from another] We have explained in great detail the pre-shift quakes that will occur, the manner in which the plates of the crust will move. S America is nailed at the tip, as N America is at its top, unable to roll due to the straight line from Japan to Iceland that locks it. Thus, as the Atlantic widens at the Equator, S America rolls to the West, crushing Central America and the Caribbean as it does. N America pulls diagonally, a situation that will soon erupt creating quakes and sinking ground and disaster in almost every State of the Union. For Central America, such a horror as a 330 foot deep sinkhold, hardly caused by a broken sewer line, is just the start. Those trying to placate their nervous heart over this matter should ask, 'what causes the sewer line to break, in the first place?' [Note: Live ZetaTalk, written Feb 24, 2007.]
Signs of the Times #1664
Special on the Discovery Channel: Chemical Contrails [Feb 23 and Mar 4] After more than eight years of controversy and censorship, the Discovery Channel is set to bring "chemtrails" into living rooms across North America. The producers ask: "What is in those fuel emissions, and what causes them to linger for hours and link up with one another like a ghostly blanket that seems to affect the weather and perhaps our health?" Are lingering jet trails seen by millions of people "potentially toxic chemical trails emitted intentionally as part of secret geo-engineering experiments or weather-weaponization tests?" To answer these questions, "Best Evidence" has spent months asking "experts and passionate observers on both sides" to present their best evidence exposing decades of weather modification experiments. [and from another] Why the hell are they claiming its in the fuel? Its just like a scaled up crop duster, the chemicals and fuel are not mixed together, they are coming from seperate tanks on the aircrafts. Where's the mention of the white, unmarked planes? The main thing they did as testing goes, was to compare commercial airline fuel to kerosene, to show if aluminum was in the commercial airline fuel. Which of course it was not. [and from another] What was the purpose of the recent Discovery Channel's expose on Contrails? Clearly, disinfo, by numerous means. First, omission. They did not address the best evidence that this was not simply aircraft fuel interacting with the atmosphere. They did not address the fact that chemtrails have in the past contained biological elements, infectious elements, and the populace under a sprayed area went to clinics, swelling the patient load there. They did not address the obvious criss-cross patterns, outside of aircraft routes. They did not address what many have observed, unmarked planes, specially equipped to carry tanks of some chemical to be released. They did not address that practice runs were being made where the drift is toward population centers, to verify where and when they should spray in the event sickening the target city would become necessary. And they certainly did not address the pattern of spraying whereby population centers have a fogged sky just when they might catch a good glimpse of an emerging Second Sun rising or setting. What was the goal of this supposed expose? To place in the public's mind that chemtrails are harmless, and have a logical explanation. Just from the jet fuel. A type of cloud. Since this matter has been a topic of discussion on the Internet for a decade or more, why now? Because the time has arrived when the pace must pick up, as Planet X and its moon swirls will become increasingly visible, and the establishment is painfully aware of this. When discussion on the many criss-crossing trails comes up around the coffee machine, someone in the crowd will have a ready answer! They saw it on Discovery, and as everyone knows, this is a channel dedicated to science. Will this campaign work? The cover-up is holding back a dam, with cracks, and the flood is inevitable. When the truth does emerge, the public will be all the more furious for having been so routinely lied to. And they won't be passive about their anger. [Note: Live ZetaTalk, written Feb 24, 2007.]
Signs of the Times #1663
Air Force colonel reports lights 'not of this world' [Jan 17] Col. Brian Fields, 61, was cooking chicken at his Van Buren, Ark., home Jan. 9 when just before 7 pm he observed two intensely bright lights as he looked to the southeast close to the horizon. The retired colonel spent close to 32 years in the military, flying F-16s as a member of the 188th Fighter Wing of the Arkansas Air National Guard. Fields grabbed his Canon digital camera with 6 megapixel resolution to document what he and his wife were seeing, and snapped numerous images of the mysterious lights, which appeared white, yellow and orange. He says the phenomenon lasted an hour and 15 minutes, and local news agencies have not published or broadcast any reports of what the couple witnessed. [and from another] UFO's are often noted hovering over fuming volcanoes, or in countries in the Middle East under unrest likely to escalate. Thus in some minds, they are appearing to warn, or reassure, the public in those areas. Where there are many reasons for sightings, mass sightings or well documented sightings, such as this one in Arkansas, delivering a message of reassurance just ahead of an anticipated disaster is certainly among them. Sightings can be to further the Awakening of an individual or small group, or for the broader Awakening of a nation or even the world, when well documented and publicized. Sightings have been used to prod the establishment on occasion, causing blackouts or buzzing the White House in decades past. But as the Earth changes heat up and move to result in large quakes and tsunamis and exploding volcanoes, they will increasingly be seen in those areas that will be affected, as a warning and reassurance. We are saying to the people of those regions, be aware we exist, that you are not alone. Often telepathic messages are delivered to the people in the region, in step with these sightings, relaying this type of message. [Note: new ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, written Jan 20, 2007.]
Signs of the Times #1662
Would the Zeta care to comment on Bush's statement the other evening about his troops surge? It appears that his words were entirely scripted and that he appeared tired, or defeated. Some surmise that he was broadcasting from an underground bunker, therefore no proper US military flag was in the television background. [and from another] The Zetas have stated that Bush will not be successful in attacking Iran and widening the war. Given that, the amount of activity with cross border raids, arresting diplomats, more ships, more troops, etc. Bush seems absolutely determined to expand the war. Given he is still in office how can he be stopped as he is very determined? Even if the Military continues to not obey attack orders, with so many potential flashpoints something is bound to happen. Is he more desperate now that the signs of Planet X are widely undeniable? [and from another] Did the President Declare "Secret War" Against Syria and Iran? [Jan 12] Washington intelligence, military and foreign policy circles are abuzz today with speculation that the President, yesterday or in recent days, sent a secret Executive Order to the Secretary of Defense and to the Director of the CIA to launch military operations against Syria and Iran. Adding fuel to the speculation is that U.S. forces today raided an Iranian Consulate in Arbil, Iraq and detained five Iranian staff members. Some are suggesting that the Consulate raid may have been designed to try and prompt a military response from Iran -- to generate a casus belli for further American action. [and from another] We have mentioned repeatedly during this past year, as the heat on Iran has been turned up by the White House, that the original plan included invading Iran and Saudi Arabia so the Bush crowd could fully occupy the oil fields of the Middle East at the time of the pole shift. They see this time approaching, and are making a final desperate push despite all opposition. He has issued orders from the White House in every direction, hoping that some will slip by the guardians who are preventing an all out debacle in the Middle East. His orders are countered, stymied, blocked, but he hopes to overcome these maneuvers eventually, knowing that once a conflagration starts, it is hard to put out. What will the outcome be, of this last desperate push to force the US Military to attack Iran, to have an excuse to call a draft in the US, and to invade the Saudi fields in order to 'protect' them from terrorists? The current modus operandi of the Bush countering will continue, stepping up as his press steps up, and will hold. [Note: new ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, written Jan 13, 2007.]
Signs of the Times #1661
Tsunami fears ease hours after strong quake [Jan 13] Tsunami alerts issued for the Pacific Basin due to a massive underwater earthquake were lifted hours later Saturday when only minor surges resulted. The alerts had been issued for Japan and a broad area surrounding the Pacific Ocean -- including Hawaii and Alaska -- after the quake hit east of the Kuril Islands. The temblor had a preliminary magnitude of 8.2, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center bulletin said. [and from another]
Strong quake hits Uzbekistan [Jan 9] A powerful earthquake rocked mountainous southeast Uzbekistan overnight, the RIA Novosti news agency reported Tuesday quoting emergency ministry officials. Tremors of up to 8.0 on the Richter scale were registered some 200 kilometres (120 miles) southeast of Tashkent, officials said. No casualties or damage were reported. - AFP/ir [and from another] Note the cover-up in the 'official' lists. The 8+ Richter in Uzbekistan was not mentioned, but implied as there were a large number of 5+ quakes, a swarm.
08Jan2007 18:33:14.8 39.6N 70.2E No Mag TAJIKISTAN
08Jan2007 18:33:19.3 39.7N 70.2E mb=3.7 TAJIKISTAN
08Jan2007 18:25:06.7 40.5N 70.1E mb=4.1 TAJIKISTAN
08Jan2007 17:21:50.8 39.8N 70.3E M =6.0 TAJIKISTAN
08Jan2007 17:21:49.7 39.8N 70.2E MS=5.9 TAJIKISTAN
08Jan2007 17:21:47.2 39.8N 70.3E mb=5.9 TAJIKISTAN
08Jan2007 17:22:30.1 42.2N 65.7E mb=5.4 CENTRAL KAZAKHSTAN
08Jan2007 17:21:49.7 39.8N 70.3E M =5.9. TAJIKISTAN
[and from another] The plates have loosened up, rock fingers holding them where they abut each other snapping off for over a year to the extent that the are SMOOTH along their edges rather than snagged. Still, they rest against each other in the main where they have been because nitches and notches fit into one another. But when strong forces, such as the increasing wobble, force them OUT of their nitches and notches, they more readily to new positions. What does this mean for the world, going forward? Stronger quakes, more frequently, with the Atlantic allowed to stretch and consequent catastrophes in the stretch zone, and with the Pacific allowed to compress with a more active Ring of Fire and consequent volcanic eruptions.
[Note: new ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, written Jan 13, 2007.]
Signs of the Times #1660
On Monday, Jan 8, 2007 there were reports of what appeared to be a monstrous gas leak in New York City and nearby Jersey City. No gas leak was ever found. Rochester, NY reported 4 broken water mains during this same time frame. Marine tankers report their alarms for methane going off, but no leaks found. About a dozen people were taken to hospitals complaining of breathing problems. Then the reports from around the world started pouring in, all seeming to be happening simultaneously. Italy evacuated people from Genova and Bologna due to gas leaks, an explosion killing one. London closed their tube lines due to suspected gas leaks, smells. Australia had water main breaks in Adelaide, and gas smells evacuated a mall in Perth where several were hospitalized as a result. No gas leak was ever located. Here in the US reports came in from Ohio smells and a factory explosion, cause unknown. Nashville, TN, gas line leak. Mobile, AL gas leak. Blue Springs, MO gas leak with explosion and evacuation. Dallas, TX smells and in Houston a factory fume leak, cause unknown, and in Austin dead birds, cause unknown. Iowa, a pond bubbling. Albuquerque, MN city evacuated due to gas smells. Half Moon Bay, CA evacuated due to smells, Santa Barbara marine tanker alarms due to methane, no leak found, and Oxnard freeway closed due to gas main break. So what is causing this sudden release of methane, along with obvious gas and water main breaks and factory explosions. Also, is this methane from the Earth making people sick, and killing birds? [and from another] We have explained, in great detail, that the stretch zone does not register great quakes when rock layers pull apart and sink, as this is a silent Earth change. Nancy has carefully documented breaking water and gas mains, derailing trains, dislocating bridge abutments, mining accidents, and outbreaks of factory explosions, showing that these have occurred in rashes on occasion, when the rock layers pulled apart. None of this, of course, in the media, though the pattern is obvious. Do these fumes cause people to sicken, and birds to die? Mining operations of old had what they called the canary in a birdcage, to warn the miners of methane gas leaks. Birds are very sensitive to these fumes, and die, and this is indeed what happened in Austin, TX. Why were these Earth farts and moving ground experienced from Italy and the UK throughout the US and even in Australia, all seemingly simultaneously? We have explained that the plates of the globe have been loosened up, the rock fingers holding them firmly against one another broken off, so a fluidity has resulted. [Note: new ZetaTalk: Earth Farts.]
Signs of the Times #1659
Possible meteor or space junk seen all over the region [Jan 4] Beginning at 6:15 Thursday morning 9NEWS was flooded with calls from viewers. It appears to have been either space junk or a large meteor falling from north to south in the western part of the city. [and from another] [Jan 4] The brilliant streak of light that raced across the sky west of Denver Thursday morning was a Russian rocket re-entering the atmosphere, NORAD and U.S. Northern Command reported. [and from another] Report: Russian Specialists Study Rocket Debris Sighting Over U.S. [Jan 5] The rocket's pieces that allegedly fell on U.S. territory cannot be parts of Russia's Fregat upper stage that placed France's COROT satellite into orbit on December 27. Specialists of the Lavochkin research and development center, where the Fregat upper stage was manufactured, said that they know the area where Fregat was dumped for certain. It was dumped into the Pacific Ocean on December 27. [and from another] Mysterious Object Crashes Through Roof [Jan 4] Authorities were trying to identify a mysterious metallic object that crashed through the roof of a house in eastern New Jersey. The metal object had punched a hole in the roof of the single-family, two-story home, damaged tiles on a bathroom floor, and then bounced, sticking into a wall. The object was heavier than a usual metal object of its size. No radioactivity was detected. It's definitely not an aircraft part. Magnets held near the rock are attracted to it. Meanwhile, NORAD spokesman said there was no known connection between the New Jersey object and the remains of a Russian rocket that launched a French space telescope last month. [and from another] UFO crashes in SA [Jan 1] A strange object on an orange cloud, singing like a million turbines - hitting the earth with a bang. A bright object plunged from the clouds to the earth, at a terrible speed, and hit the ground with an almighty bang. It looked like Haley's comet, round in the front and with an orange-red tail following behind. [and from another]  Are these incidences related? If it was space junk landing in the Wyoming, then did a piece of this land in New Jersey, simultaneously, looking like a meteor? And drop several days earlier in South Africa, with great fanfare? The answer from NORAD is suspect in light of the co-incidences, and with good reason. This is hardly re-entering space junk, a favorite excuse by the establishment to increased fireball and meteor incidences. [Note: new ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, written Jan 6, 2007.]
Signs of the Times #1658
In the sky! A bird? A plane? A UFO? [Jan 1] A flying saucerlike object hovered low over O'Hare International Airport for several minutes before bolting through thick clouds with such intense energy that it left an eerie hole in overcast skies, said some United Airlines employees who observed the phenomenon. Officials at United professed no knowledge of the Nov. 7 event - which was reported to the airline by as many as a dozen of its own workers - when the Tribune started asking questions recently. [and from another] FAA blames UFO report on weird weather [Jan 2] Federal officials say it was probably just some weird weather phenomenon, but a group of United Airlines employees swear they saw a mysterious, saucer-shaped craft hovering over O'Hare Airport in November. [and from another] This then was mentioned on CNN, prime time. [and from another] People claim seeing a UFO in Istanbul [Jan 5] Mysterious lights seen in Istanbul skies have baffled people. Witnesses have claimed that the lights were coming from a UFO. People have called news agencies on Wednesday night and reported unidentified white lights flying in the sky. According to the eye witnesses, the flying object was revolving around itself and blazing. [and from another] Online Archive of UFO Sightings [Jan 2] Reportedly, the French space agency has decided to publish its archive of UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) sightings and other phenomena online. [and from another] Politicians and the Church wanted mankind to cling to them as power figures, to look up to and fear them, and were concerned about a loss of stature if the truth about the alien presence were known. Project Blue Book in the US, harassment of contactees, and suppression in the media followed. But this campaign has not worked. The public embraces the alien presence, eagerly. What will happen to those in the establishment long suppressing the truth if undeniable sightings, and perhaps landings with waving smiling aliens, occurs? Worse than a lose of stature, as the public will be certain that the establishment knew about the alien presence and attempted to keep this information to themselves. The supposed leadership the elite assumes they have over the common man will plummet. Thus, seeing they are being bypassed and the visitors are going directly to the people, with great success, such incidents will be in the news, so the establishment can try to claim they too have only recently become aware of it. Dragged along in the dust, as the thundering crowd rushes to embrace the alien presence! [Note: new ZetaTalk: UFO's in the News, written Jan 6, 2007.]
Signs of the Times #1657
Was Saddam really killed today? Or was it a look alike? [and from another] Was the fake Saddam betrayed and murdered, or was his death faked. What would happen if the real Saddam maDes his presence known? [and from another] Saddam Hussein put to death [Dec 29] Refusing to have his face covered and uttering curses upon his perceived foes, condemned Iraqi ex-dictator Saddam Hussein was executed by hanging early Saturday morning in a Baghdad square outside the Green Zone. [and from another] 'I Saw Fear, He Was Afraid' [Dec 30] Ali Al Massedy was 3 feet away from Saddam Hussein when he died. The 38 year old, normally Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's official videographer, was the man responsible for filming the late dictator's execution at dawn on Saturday. Ali said he was not authorized to disclose the location, and did not give other details of the room. He would not give the names of officials in attendance, though he estimates there were around 20 observers. [and from another] Taliban says Saddam's execution to intensify jihad [Dec 30] Mullah Obaidullah Akhund, a former Taliban defence minister and top insurgent commander, also said Saddam's execution on the Eid al-Adha Muslim festival -- marking the end of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca -- was a provocation. [and from another] It wasn't Saddam! See Signs of the Times #540-541, and it wasn't his sons they killed in that shootout, either. See Signs of the Times #139. [and from another] What is known, from the time of the supposed capture of Saddam and killing of his sons, is that this is neither the real Saddam Hussein nor his real sons. Nor did anyone die during this supposed hanging. The real family escaped, to a place the US with their espionage arms cannot reach. Just as Bin Laden hides in the hills of Afghanistan and Pakistan and Iran, even traveling to Turkey on occasion, just so Saddam and his sons are deep in the territory of a long time ally, Russia. . It was Saddam's cousin on trial all those months, a fact easily proven by close examination of the teeth of these two men. Saddam with perfect teeth and a normal bite, and the cousin with crooked lower teeth and an overbite. Never mind that the CIA claimed the captured cousin was indeed Saddam, based on DNA. Does the CIA lie? Now what? There may be slightly more sectarian violence, but not the flash point to allow Bush to impose a draft in the US or an invasion of Iran, his fond hopes. After the US and Britain are forced out of the country, Saddam will return to command the Sunnis, reinstating his regime. End of story. [Note: new ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, on Dec 30, 2006.]
Signs of the Times #1656
French TV Satellite broadcasting services over the Asia/Pacific region has been stopped as a result of the strong earthquake which took place last night 26th December (Magnitude 7 earthquake). I would like to understand how earthquakes can affect satellites moving in space. [and from another] Réponse du service clientèle TV5 à votre courrier du 27/12/2006. Nous avons bien recu votre message et vous indiquons qu'en raison du tremblement de terre dans la nuit du 26 décembre., la diffusion de TV5MONDE Asie a été interrompue. Nous vous prions de nous excuser pour ce désagrément et vous assurons que nos équipes techniques font leurs meilleurs efforts pour rétablir au plus vite la diffusion du signal. Sincères salutations. [and from another] Quake cuts off much of Asia Internet [Dec 27] A 7.1-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Taiwan on Tuesday night, which was followed by several smaller quakes in the region, apparently damaged the vast network of underwater cables that enables modern communication. The disruption was widespread, hitting China, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and elsewhere, with knock-on effects as far away as Australia for companies whose Internet is routed through affected areas. Phone services in some countries were also disrupted, in particular for calls to the United States. [and from another] Where undersea cables are certainly involved in the flow of data on the Internet, how would this disrupt phone calls from Asia to the US if this major cable itself were not involved? Was this announced? No clarity is given about the outages, 'apparently damaged' due to undersea damage. The clue is from the note from French TV, admitting a satellite disruption. Internet access also uses satellites, a fact well established. If the exact cables are not being identified, and the time to repair them not specified, then it is suspect that undersea cables are the cause. How quickly has this re-established itself? Were new cables laid? Satellites were disrupted because the earth moved, a compression in the Pacific, and thus land pointing upward to where they assumed satellites to be were aiming into empty space! This can be quickly adjusted, within days, and if this has happened, then the disruption was not due to undersea cables! [Note: new ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, on Dec 30, 2006.]
Signs of the Times #1655
Here IT Comes ! NASA is using pixel averaging software to "airbrush" Planet X out of LASCO C3. If you zoom into the "More LASCO C3" link: you'll see the artifact left by this process. You'll see the artifact just outside the occulter disk at about the 10 O'clock position. [and from another] Some people here contend it's a shadow of Venus. Venus has a right side CCD spike of only 141 pixels, whereas this mystery object has a right hand CCD spike of 173 pixels. [and from another] The shadowy area does not move relative to Venus so this is not an artifact from Venus, no shadow. [and from another] I downloaded 500 gif files and animated a sequence. Playing 12 frmes a sec, its clear that the blob stays where it is for days. [and from another] The background noise/signals must be subtracted out of the lasco images to bring up the corona/features you see in the images. One subtraction takes 7 full days worth of averaged C3 images. The C3 detector is fine, I assure you. When the planets are out of the field and we get 7 days of images the quicklook program will build a better subtraction and those pixels will dissapear. Kevin Schenk, SOHO Mission, EIT and Lasco Operations, NASA-Goddard Space Flight Center, USA [and from another] If CCD memory is the problem, why wouldn't the image of Venus as it moved across the screen be a blur of successive white or dark images rather than the discrete image which this dark object and associated line bleed is. Noise on a moving object would create a blurred line, not what we see. [and from another] The residents of Earth also see something different, a bright orb much closer to the Sun than has been the case for some months. No longer far to the right, as the Earth scuttles back in a clockwise manner, a reverse orbit, but more directly in front of the Sun. As Planet X is coming closer to Earth, heading toward it, it become larger in view. In earlier days, this was a small object to remove from any SOHO picture it was captured in. Then it was out of view, too far to the right. Now, and increasingly during the coming months as Earth cannot move back in her orbit as freely as before, it will be an object seen in SOHO, unless removed. We predict that NASA will become more conscientious about removing Planet X from any images it releases, but as with former slips, their initial carelessness has gone on record! [Note: new ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, written Dec 2, 2006. By Dec 2, the dark shadow of a planet was removed from the C3 images. It had been there since 10/27, the latest archive provided, until 11/26, when noted, and was still there on 12/2, quite clearly, in C3. It did not show up in C2, but then neither Venus nor Jupiter did either. C2 captures a different emission than C3. See also Sign #1083 for a similar capture at the same location, on Aug 30, 2004!].
Signs of the Times #1654
Resurgent Democrats Win Control of House [Nov 8] Democrats won control of the House early Wednesday after a dozen years of Republican rule in a resounding repudiation of a war, a president and a scandal-scarred Congress. Republicans fell from power in every region of the country - conservative, liberal and moderate - as well as in every type of district - urban, rural and suburban. Exit polls showed middle class voters who fled to the GOP a dozen years ago appeared to return to the Democrats. [and from another] Democrats Need Va., Mont. to Take Senate [Nov 8] Democrats captured four of the six Republican-held seats they needed to take control of the Senate, winning critical contests in Ohio, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania and Missouri, and inched closer Wednesday to erasing the GOP's majority. Democrats mounted challenges for two remaining Republican-held seats in Virginia and Montana - and were ahead in both. [and from another] With 99% of the votes counted, Webb maintains a slight lead: There are 30,000 uncounted ballots reported from pro-Webb Fairfax County. Election workers have gone home for the evening and will resume counting in the morning. There were still uncounted votes in strongly pro-Webb Arlington County, Fairfax City, and Isle of Wight. A few votes remained to be counted in evenly split Loudoun County. [and from another] The exit polls that leaked out in the late afternoon ended up matching the final results almost exactly -- nothing like what happened in those other Bush-era elections. The razor-close races all broke late for the Democrats, unlike Florida in 2000 or Ohio in 2004, and when that happened, there were no major charges of fraud, and no demand for a recount. [and from another] We feel the outcome of voter fraud will be high, with the likelihood of being countered by the Puppet Master even higher. ZetaTalk, Sep 23, 2006. [and from another] They are aware that the Puppet Master is intending to right any wrongs they do re voter fraud, but got away with it in 2004 and Rove has done his best to weave a mess impossible to unravel. However, he does not have ourselves, the Zetas, on his side, and his plans are known by the Puppet Master as soon as conceived. ZetaTalk, Oct 28, 2006 [and from another] Working over the past year, the Rove team was thus able to place thousands of fraud participants in place, for election day. How was this countered by ourselves, the Zetas, and the Puppet Master's team? [Note: new ZetaTalk: Countering Fraud, written Nov 9, 2006. Zetas RIGHT Again!]
Signs of the Times #1653 If you look closely at the photo-composite, you will see four small inset photographs of President Hussein. In all of them you can clearly see his neat white even teeth. President Hussein's teeth were and are in pristine condition. Now look again closely, and you will see that President Hussein's upper teeth naturally close in front of his lower teeth, known in professional dental circles as 'overbite'. This condition is normal for nearly all of us, but sadly not for [the double], who in at least fifty of Christiane Amanpour's separate video frames proves he suffers from a rare condition known as 'underbite', where a defective or misshapen jaw bone causes the lower teeth to close in front of the upper teeth. This single forensic fact is absolute proof that [the double] is not President Hussein. [and from another] Verdict due in Saddam trial over executions [Nov 4] IRAQ is bracing itself for another surge of violence tomorrow, when Saddam Hussein is expected to be sentenced to death for crimes against humanity. The trial, which started a year ago, aimed to heal Iraq's wounds after Saddam and his Baath party's 35-year regime. Instead, it has become a symbol of Iraq's divisions, between the long-oppressed Shia majority, who now rule the country, and Saddam's Sunnis. Clashes between them tomorrow could push Iraq over the edge. [and from another] The farcical trial of Saddam, which has in the docket one of this doubles, his cousin, is concluding just ahead of the mid-term 2006 elections not by accident. Subject to bribery and threats, not the least of which is the occasional death in the family for those conducting the trial or acting as lawyers, this farce is ending at a well planned point. Desperate to have Iraq appear as a success in some manner, this was easily arranged, and is expected to flood the TV screens and talk shows with jubilant Iraqi celebrating Saddam's pending execution. Since Iraq has become a powder keg, the opposite will happen, but the desperate White House is pushing ahead with their plans, as usual, despite setbacks.
[Note: new ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, dated Nov 4, 2006.]

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Signs of the Times to May 30, 2005, Sign #1433-#1443
Signs of the Times to May 15, 2005, Sign #1417-#1432
Signs of the Times to May 6, 2005, Sign #1406-#1416
Signs of the Times to Apr 31, 2005, Sign #1394-#1405
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Signs of the Times to Mar 10, 2005, Sign #1353-#1360
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Signs of the Times to Feb 5, 2005, Sign #1319-#1331
Signs of the Times to Jan 29, 2005, Sign #1310-#1318
Signs of the Times to Jan 19, 2005, Sign #1297-#1309
Signs of the Times to Jan 9, 2005, Sign #1283-#1296
Signs of the Times to Dec 30, 2004, Sign #1269-#1282
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Signs of the Times to Nov 14, 2004, Sign #1221-#1231
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Signs of the Times
to July 30 2003, Sign #147-#152
Signs of the Times
to July 29 2003, Sign #137-#146
Signs of the Times
to July 24 2003, Sign #129-#136
Signs of the Times
to July 20 2003, Sign #123-#128
Signs of the Times
to July 18 2003, Sign #117-#122
Signs of the Times
to July 14 2003, Sign #107-#116
Signs of the Times
to July 12 2003, Sign #98-#106
Signs of the Times
to July 6 2003, Sign #86-#97
Signs of the Times
to July 3 2003, Sign #79-#85
Signs of the Times
to June 30 2003, Sign #70-#78
Signs of the Times
to June 26 2003, Sign #56-#69
Signs of the Times
to June 20 2003, Sign #46-#55
Signs of the Times
to June 18 2003, Sign #38-#45
Signs of the Times
to June 15 2003, Sign #30-#37
Signs of the Times
to June 13 2003, Sign #24-#29
Signs of the Times
to June 10 2003, Sign #19-#23
Signs of the Times
to June 9 2003, Sign #12-#18
Signs of the Times
to June 5 2003, Sign #05-#11
Signs of the Times
to May 30 2003, Sign #01-#04