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Books and Videos

The Passage Script and Free Short Story
Written in 1997.  The Passage embraces not only the physical passage of Planet X but the Earth’s societal passage to becoming galactic citizens, as well as a spiritual passage to nonviolent and considerate group structures versus violence and power brokering. Available in Short Story form.

Finegan Fine Script and (Free) Short Story
Written in 2009. Finegan Fine, is set in the US southeast, which is flooding after the pole shift. Finegan is running a houseboat along the new coastline and up and down flooded rivers, as a trader. He meets an endless stream of survivors. Available in Short Story form.

2005/2006 Lecture Series 
This was a CD compilation of the lecture series broadcast from the Blogin Broadcasting Service radio show, The Connection, by Nancy Lieder. A guided tour by Nancy through the ZetaTalk material. 80 informative and diverse hours, each with a single subject focus. Includes prophecy and legend, documentation on recent Earth changes, the government cover-up, sociological trends and models, in-depth survival interviews, and Zeta commentary and predictions. This CD twinset is no longer offered, but is available to be broadcast from the BBS.

ZetaTalk Book
The ZetaTalk book is available from Granite Publishing at (800) 247-6553 or