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Pole Shift Date of May 27, 2003

ZetaTalk: Date of the Shift
Note: relayed during the May 16 on the Lou Gentile show, but addressed during the May 17 IRC as well.

Since we were precise about the dates, even the number of hours for rotation stoppage (5.9 days) [on the Loud Gentile show], we have no problem with being precise on the meaning of the Pole Shift date as May 27. Let us use the rotation stoppage point as a key point, as this also has a known location - the Atlantic Rift. This lasts for 5.9 days, the shift to happen at the end of that 5.9 days. If the shift occurs on May 27, and rotation stoppage is for a 5.9 days length of time, then count back 5.9 days to find the day when rotation stops. Since rotation stoppage happens when the Atlantic Rift is fixed facing the approaching Planet X, we know that the end point of the time line should be May 27th for the Atlantic Rift as it is when rotation stops. So on May 21st, 5.9 days before the shift, the Atlantic Rift is positioned facing the approaching Planet X, which is coming up toward the Earth from beneath the Sun and a tad to the right as seen from Earth.

This is a key point as there is a day of slowing, the slowdown to stoppage happening within a day as we have stated, so assume for the sake of simplicity that it took exactly 24 hours to slowdown to a halt. Given that rotation stoppage took less than a day to happen, the slowdown started on May 20 or earlier, as one must allow for the hours of slowed rotation within that day. Thus, the hour of the shift should be computed from the point where the Atlantic Rift is frozen in the grip of the approaching Planet X, and rotation has stopped. The day preceding this stoppage, when rotation is slowing, will be longer than a 24 hour day for a full turn of the globe, as this day must absorb the hours it takes for the globe to slow to a halt. Thus, when we describe May 20 as a day, this is a slow day, taking longer than 24 hours, and should be computed as such.

When the highly magnetized hardened magma in the Atlantic Rift faces the approaching big magnet, Planet X, it lingers there, creating the late sundown on May 20 we stated will be observed. The lingering will cause a later sunset for Europe, Africa, and an even later sunset for the Americas on May 20. The slowdown at this point is such that the Atlantic Rift has lingered facing Planet X, and resists moving on to the extent that the Earth is already in a slower rotation when it does manage to pull the Atlantic Rift away on May 20 and move it to the dark side of the Earth. Thus slowed, it provides for those parts of the globe that missed a late sunset with a late sunrise! Asia, Australia and Japan will notice a much delayed sunrise on the morning of May 21. The delay in sunset, sunrise, in the day before rotation stoppage is given as a guide approximately 2.43 hours late. This can be given as 2-3 hours late in general, as sunset is not crisp for most, the sun above the horizon, the horizon not a clean line if trees and hills are present, but the number of hours is significant enough that there should be no doubt.

Thus slowed in rotation during the May 20 turn of the globe, the Earth comes into the day represented by May 21 with a rotation that lacks momentum, and thus this time when it lingers, it cannot escape the linger. It is at this point that countdown clocks should be set for the 5.9 days until the shift.

ZetaTalk: Wild Week of Stoppage
Note: relayed during the May 16 on the Lou Gentile show, but addressed during the May 17 IRC as well.

What will happen during the week of rotation stoppage was addressed on the Gentile hour, but we will repeat it here, etc. Since the wild weather that has been increasing since 1995 is caused by a combination of undersea volcanoes in Indonesia, warming the Pacific such that warmer waters move against the coastlines of the Americas, and the melting poles and glaciers plunge cold water under this, creating swirling in the oceans beyond normal, we can expect this to increase during rotation stoppage. Add to this that the atmosphere is not getting it’s regular cooling or warming during rotation, is not even, and thus air masses will tend to rush more to equalize themselves. This will spawn more episodes such as the week of 400+ tornadoes in the US. The air masses that caused these tornadoes were following the wild swings they assumed over the Pacific, and this pattern will only become more pronounced during rotation stoppage. Likewise, the oceans will be swirling, whirlpools developing that will take down large ships at sea, and even placid waters along coastlines presenting more danger than usual.

ZetaTalk: Cover-Up Rationale
Note: relayed during the May 16 on the Lou Gentile show, but addressed during the May 17 IRC as well.

Lou Gentile asked the difference in the public knowing about the coming cataclysms or being kept in the dark. The elite, those in power who know about this, in the US, Russia, Japan, Australia, and Britain, wish to keep the common man in doubt as long as possible. Thus the common man will go to his job, pay bills, respect police, fear the court system, and stay predictable. Should an announcement by the government that a pole shift of the magnitude we have described likely occur be made, quite a different scenario would ensue.

This is what the wealthy fear, the powerful in government fear, and thus the absolutely silence up until the end, no warning to the public. The flip side of this coin is that the larger population, who would not loot, would be informed, would have a change to prepare, move to safety, and not be hysterical in front of their small children when the time comes. Thus, overall, it is more loving, more considerate, to inform, but those in charge of the cover-up care not for this.