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3rd Magnet Appeared
June 8, 2003

The Atlantic Rift became magnetized due to magnetized magma ions breaking free from their normal course between the magnetic poles and the core of the Earth, due to the presence of Planet X in the vicinity. The fact that Planet X is a big magnet is why is it about to cause a pole shift. On this date, it was noted that Magnetic North took a 5 degree swing to the NW, increasing over the next day or so to be a total of a 12 degree swing, later corrected. The Siberian Isl were bobbling on the live seismos due to this ionized magma under the surface.

I keep a good compass on my hall table and have been watching it closely. This morning, June 9, I saw that the pointer for north had shifted to the northwest by about 5 degrees. I live in mid Missouri. ... Our compass in Wisconsin moved to the NW by 12 degrees over two days, starting on June 9 ... My windows in western Russia faces South-East, as the Sun shows. The compass previously also confirmed this orientation. Now on June 17 its needle is parallel to the window, pointing NE! The needle has rotated clockwise by 10 degrees, as I roughly estimate.