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HELP! for those becoming aware of the pending pole shift and wishing to prepare.

Take this Quick Tour video (the gist in a minute)
Safe/Unsafe Locations (a ZetaTalk offering)
Earth Changes and Pole Shift blog (highly recommended)
Survival Solutions (ready to download)
Survival TOPICs (linked from the Troubled Times Hub)

Please remember that you should never reveal, publicly, where your survival site is located or give personal information in a forum or in a chat. Keep this close, and use private e-mail for any such information exchange. In making preparations, friends and family members you have known for a long time are the individuals you can count on. Giving personal information out to those casually met via the Internet is never a good idea. Keep discussions on personal preparations or your locale general, to protect yourself.

YES : Develop a Plan, research your Location and plan your Route to safety.
NO : Don’t Panic or make a big Operation out of your plans.
YES : A Trench during the shift, Temporary shelter, and short term Supplies for the week of rotation stoppage and the months after.
NO : Don’t Overstock or Hoard.
YES : Plan to rebuild Shelter, with Hand Tools, and a source of Heat.
NO : Don’t rely on government Assistance, as Camps are likely to become slave labor camps.
YES : Garden with Seed supplies, low maintenace Flocks and Herds, and Fishing and Hunting as the area will support.
NO : Don’t rely on Money to buy comfort in the future, or gather things that cannot be Bartered in the future.
YES: Be part of a Team, have an Action plan to keep people busy, and collect Books for future reference.
NO : Don’t go it Alone, nor be in the heavy Traffic lanes.
YES : Get into Short Wave radio, expect to be On Foot or boat when traveling, and keep your Bearings.
NO : Don’t expect Electronics to work, or to be Rescued by overworked emergency response teams.