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Elite Exodus / Defense Protection
to Safe Locations
Started June 7-11 2003, Renewed Jan 2004

Elite Exodus
Note: pattern for Elite Flight in June, 2003 were flights in the wee hours of the morning, flying low, exiting St. Pete and Tampa in Florida going north, exiting Palos Verdes in California to Elmont NY, arriving in Greenbrier WV and Wayne National Forest, arriving in British Columbia and heading into the mountains of Alberta, exiting Houston in droves, exiting NYC in choppers, arriving in Alaska, exiting the Philly area heading south, enclaves drilled into the rock in Central US, but ignoring north central plains.
International plans in 2004 may include Argentina, Chile, Ural Mountains for the Russian government, eastern Australia, New Zealand, Botswana and Zambia in Africa, and perhaps Kazakh. And activity in the US in the Ozarks and New Mexico and elsewhere has been noted. In 2006, Bush family purchased land in Paraguay.
Defense Department Protection

The US Military is busy shuttling out of Florida in June, 2003 to the north, roaring over NM and OKC, and recently F16 fighters assigned to Homeland Security have arrived in Denver. Has a threat requiring the military to vacate low lands and coastlines and move inland been announced to the public?

Known coastal sites in 2003 include FEMA in Mt Weather, VA and a bunker at Raven's Rock, PA.

In February, 2004 reports of US Military in Colorado mines and Pikes Peak emerged.

NASA employees reputed in Payson, AZ.