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Summary of Hydro/Aquatic Technologies methods
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In an aquaculture system, you are controlling the feeding, stocking, and life support for your fish.

A pond is one of the cheapest ways to raise fish, but it does pose a few problems, like low densities of fish.
Net Pen
A net pen is a very cheap to raise the fish, because it still doesn't take much equipment to run them up to harvest, though if all of your fish are living tightly confined in a net, they rely on you for their food and aeration for most of their requirements.
You could put your fish in long troughs or raceways, and feed freshwater into one end and let the dirty water and fish wastes flow out the other. This works great for trout if you have a good fast flowing reliable stream or spring.
A recirculating aquaculture system recirculates the water around and around, cleaning the fishwastes and uneaten food from the water, and bringing the oxygenation up to desirable levels. It allows you to get maximum production in the smallest area. A recirculating system is easy to set up, and can pay for itself in less than two years.