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Scene 133 Snippet

The GARDENER is walking FINEGAN through their living quarters on the floor below the gardens. He is walking just ahead of FINEGAN, gesturing to the right and left, turning to walk backwards at times, pointing at this and that.


We brung just the personals. Dragged a couple mattress. Plain livin but we're making do.

They return to the stairwell, as the GARDENER wants to show FINEGAN that the lower floors are inaccessible. FINEGAN follows the GARDENER down to the next landing where the water level is visible.


. . risen to this level, and lately slowed . .

FINEGAN points to the rust just under the water level.


Salt water . . salt water is corrosive. This plant was never built for salt water. . .

FINEGAN turns to face the GARDENER. He barely gets his words out before the building starts to collapse.


You had any settling problems?

of metal screeching on metal.

The stairwell shutters and both men lose their footing.