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Scene 99 Snippet

of the canoe arriving on shore, FINEGAN paddling.

As FINEGAN approaches shore he raising both his hands up, holding the paddle with both hands, to indicate no sudden moves on his part and allow a full view of the canoe bottom and his sides, to show he is not packing a weapon.

As the canoe bumps shore, a couple men step forward to pull it onto shore. One of them gives FINEGAN a hand, which he grabs to steady himself as he steps out onto the shore.


Thought you were one of them.


We came through Memphis and heard about them yahoos. You militia?


Shore patrol, yeah.


I'm a trader. Been all along the new coastline since Georgia. Might have something you folks need, been lookin for. We don't raid and run, that's for sure.

FINEGAN casts a glance to his right, down river down the shoreline.


Recon it's safe to leave my boat there? Do they come up this far, during the day?

The FARMER meets the eyes of the others for a moment, getting confirmation on what he is about to say.


Look, I'll come back with you and show you a good bay, out of view and all. If there's a problem here, we'll hear about it.

The FARMER raises a horn he has been holding in one hand. It's a child's toy trumpet made of plastic. He hands the trumpet to one of the others and steps into the water to step into the canoe.