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TOPIC: Bike Power

In a pinch, or just for good exercise, Ordinary Bikes or exercycles can be converted to an energy machine from Car Parts, as one dedicated Troubled Times member attests! Key parts are the Alternator and Batteries. Assembly of the bike generator should include considerations of the peddling Speed, the Pulley Rig, and the Motor. Plans and Parts are available. Cordless Drills can be used as DC Generators with a Hand Crank when Modified, or to convert BikeGen turning power to electricity with RPM and Construction and Battery details available. This information is also Available as PDF file for Adobe Readers. Peddle Power windmills are also available. Bikes are in abundance worldwide, and numerous conversion methods exist. Exercycles are ideal. Where Bike Generators can provide occasional lights and power some Appliances, they don't provide for continuous or heavy power usage needs.