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[Note: for recent ZetaTalk on Magnetic people, Ghosts, Star Child attributes and related subjects check the Q&A chats.]

The Zetas talk about what they have observed about our tendency to Fight or Flight; how this relates to Repressed Emotions, Stress Diseases, attempts to Escape Reality or the Autism Rise, and Psychosis; how we are reacting with Anxiety and Denial and what Bad News to relay as the Pole Shift seems imminent, seeking Certainty and demanding Answers as many are Insecure; what Disaster Reaction to expects as Life: Downside Up and When Things Go Wrong and why Leadership, Earned will prevail; how Pending Partners await as Soul Personalities are a factor; what we can do to maintain Physical Fitness and deal with Walking Erect; how our Auras indicate health; how Curing Cancer and Alzheimers and Anorexia depends on our outlook on life; and how we can help those in Pain or Grieving. The Zetas talk about what causes Addictions; why we love Music and Getting High and crave Junk Food; why we keep Pets and admire Chess Masters; why it is important to have Self Respect; whether Spanking helps or harms children and whether Missing Children are on the increase; what Violent Games say about human society; how best to deal with Fear and face the many Dangers we encounter; what causes Self Destructive behavior or the Killer Instinct or The Grudge; how the Mother and Child bond can go awry; why the JonBenet Ramsey case avoids prosecution; what our sense of Humor indicates; why Conspiracies develop and if the Ukraine Plague was natural; why we are so confused about Abortion and Suicide rights; why there are problems with Vegetarian diets; and how humans can express a Reverence for Life.

The Zetas talk about our Indestructible Soul; how this can be sensed with the Chakras; how Reincarnation happens but Past Lives are only selectively remembered; how Near Death Experiences relates to Ghosts or those just having an Out Of Body; how a Walk-In differs from being a Star Child, how Aware they are of their status, and some Star Children Examples; what occurs during a Possession, and what the Body Senses; and whether it is myth or truth that mankind was Star Seeded. The Zetas talk about what happens to Hindus when they do Meditation; whether shape shifting really takes place during Shamanism; the Carlos Castaneda techniqes; why Premonitions can be accurate; what causes Poltergeist activity, or Hauntings; whether Psychics are more in touch than the rest of us and how Telepathy works; why we need Sleep and what our Dreams indicate; how we can be healed by Faith Healers; how Yin-Yang can help our balance; whether Karma exists; how Archetypes are a reflection of human experience; and that there are Werewolves among us.

The Zetas talk about what role Cultural Influences have; why like the Heaven's Gate cult we are always struggling to find the Right Religion; how this relates to the Holy Wars that have gone on over the centuries; what causes Racial Hatred; whether the United Nations is doing a good job; whether Capitalism builds the best society; where we go amuck with our Scientific Theories and cling to the notion of Human Infallibility, and why Independent Thinking is rare as exemplified by the inability to think for oneself on Context, Event Timing, and Categorization; how an inventor's Best Intentions get subverted; why the Hippocratic Oath is restrictive; how our Career Choices are guided; why we are obsessed with Status Symbols and Get Rich Quick schemes; and offer their opinion of Politics. The Zetas talk about the human tendency to avoid Taking Responsibility and make Commitments; why we seek Scapegoats and why a Holocaust Denial emerged; whether we should just be Forgiving toward others; what causes Multiple Personality disorders; how Dowsing works; why there are Gifted Autistics; the relationship between Suicide Cults and the average family; how to advise those battling while Coupling; what causes Homosexuality; and how to help Those Who Mourn.

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