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[Note: for recent ZetaTalk on Crop Circles, Nancy in the media, Ning role and related subjects check the Q&A chats.]

The Zetas talk about how mankind is gradually realizing they are Not Alone and Awakening to the Alien Presence; why for many the Time Table seems too slow as their First Impressions have been favorable, Signs of the Awakening are apparent, and an Alien Welcome awaits. The Zetas talk about how we can expect Sightings to Increase and Not Just UFOs along with Mass Sightings and Glowing Ships and Mothership Sightings and recent Lights in the Sky and Mexico UFOs on Film and UFOs in the News and Phoenix Lights have resulted; why mass sightings can be called an Initiation Rite, thence Shared, but sometimes Faked; how sightings and Power Outages and pictures of Alien Bodies will cause The Word to spread; why CNN's Arizona Coverage of a mothership sighting occured in step with Roswell Revisited; how concurrently there will be an increased Demand for Proof from the debunkers and increasing Discord; how it is difficult to Disprove the Proposition when conflicting claims or Info or Disinfo seemingly merged are made and there are False Channels and False Claims like the Serpo Exchange; what role change agents such as Art Bell and Hoagland play and why ZetaTalk and MUFON will no longer be suppressed, and Leaks increasingly occur; why there always seems to be an Element of Doubt such as during June Incoming and Sign to Mankind and Prophet Yahweh and a Truth Test seems elusive; why Breaking the News is so difficult and if the ABC Special was a start; why the scare caused by Orson Wells was deliberate, as was the disappearance of Air Force One and a possible Staged Invasion; how Alien Encounters will eventually occur during the Next Phase and occured in the Past; and how there are Tumultuous Times ahead but Prophecy such as Zhuge Liang and a China Mirage and ZetaTalk 1999 Prediction can be a guide.

The Zetas talk about the world that will be, how some of our citizens are operating in the 4th Density Service to Others mode already; how many contactees find they have met a Familiar Stranger and feel there is something they are Supposed to Do but aren't sure what it is; whether Mass Consciousness spreads the word; why truth often comes from the Mouths of Madmen and the Steps and Stages in the Awakening process, and why Falon Gong is suppressed. The Zetas talk about how aliens will Walk Openly among us in due time; what they would like us to Tell Others about them; why there are Language Barriers; and whether aliens are Hanging Around Saturn or living on the Moons of Mars. The Zetas talk about why Stanton Friedman should be taken seriously; how sightings such as the Belgium Flap, the Gulf Breeze sighting, the original Mexico City incident, Russian Sightings, and the Israeli Sightings were real; why the Colorado Flap was staged, sightings reported by CSETI are false, and how Dr. Greer got cancer; what Dr. Reid hoped to accomplish; what is different about UFOs in Africa; why Mt. Shasta is a UFO haunt; and why humans hoping for contact cannot Call Down a Ship or influence the time of a Mass Landing; how Crop Circles give us Crop Circle Clues and what meaning Circle Locations and the Crop Circle Video or Crop Circle Hoaxes or Renewed Circle Hoaxes or Future Circles and the Windmill Hill circle. The Zetas talk about circle clues such as Crop Circle Correlations, 2003?, Swept into Disaster, Tilting Leaning Dropping, Orbit Lock, Magnetic Trimesters, Crop Circle Language, Magnetic Resonance, Flow Lines, Serpentine Dance, Slow 270° Roll, Buzz on Out, Asymmetrical Affair, Ready to Tip, Juxtapositioned Planets, Not Nuclear, Time Line Clues, Mirror Ecliptic, Reminder Circles, #2, #3, #4, Hoaxes, Contorted Path, November Reality, Circle Simplicity, 2005 Season, 2005 Circle Trends, and 2006 Season with Magnetic Clash and 2006 Hoaxes and the 2007 Crop Circles.

The Zetas talk about Why They Care and describe the Zeta History on their Awakening and why ZetaTalk Predictions are a truth test; how they want to ensure that people will not fall prey to Disincarnate Opportunists wanting to be walk-ins; and whether there is myth or truth in what Annunaki, Ashtar, the Confederation, the Council of Nine, Ma-Di or DOMA, the Ummo, the White Brotherhood, or the WingMakers are saying or whether these alien groups are in and of themselves a fraud. The Zetas talk about whether Billy Meier is a contactee or the Andromedae Contact is from Andromedae and Scallion's source; whether the aliens in Whitley Strieber's book Communion, the face drawn by Steve Neill, and the encounters reported by Ruth Montgomery are real; why the Hopi Indian myths and Lou Famoso NDE and Hercolubus prophecies are valid; whether the Beatles had a role or the book Celestine Prophecy is inspired or Way of Explorers, Far Journey, Cosmic Voyage, ET 101, or Secret Vows are based on fact; whether reports from the Farsight Institute or Commander X or Phoenix Group or Leading Edge or David Icke or David Booth can be trusted; whether the book Chariot of the Gods or the TV series Star Trek or Dark Skies or Taken or 10.5 or Discovery Channel or the movies Fire in the Sky, Stargate, or ID4, or When Worlds Collide, or Signs, or War of the Worlds reflect real situations; whether the writings of the Theosophists, Seth, the Urantia Book, the Akashic Records, or Elizabeth Clare Prophet, or Baird Spalding, or Sylvia Browne can help mankind figure it all out; whether Ramtha, Barbara Marciniak, Alexander, Sheldon Nidle, Barbara Clow, Lyssa Royal, Sollog, Jelaila Starr, or Anna Hayes are true channels; and why ZetaTalk Accuracy is ensured.

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